Visitors Testimonials

It is a wonderful School, very caring. I could see broad and balanced curriculum which is ideal for 21st century education. I wish DSIS all the good luck.

Ms. Kushumika Chatterjee

Educationalist, Performing Arts Services, United Kingdom

Challenging for teachers, interesting for kids. Don’t try to quantify, just look for quality.

Mr. Sylvester Raj

Lead Consultant, Fintellix

It was great to participate in the Independence Day celebrations of Diamond Stone International School. The enthusiasm, vibrancy and dynamism of the management staff, teachers and students were very evident and reflected in the events. I was happy to witness all round performance by students and the motivation given by teachers to facilitate them in bringing out the real potential. I wish many more accolades to the school and wishing all the best.

Mr. Madhusudhanan

AGM HR, Ashok Leyland

Yup! This School is a milestone at Hosur. Happy to be connected.Hope will do magic and wonders together.

Mr. Jai

Mia Creative Educator

An Excellent approach to learning things for life and not just living. A vibrant set of teachers and great infrastructure. A visionary school for Hosur. My best wishes to everyone in the school.

Dr. Meenu Mary Margaret

Research Associate, IIS Bangalore

Excellent education system to understand all of our science and humanity. Good to get connected with IB Global Community.

Mr. Murugan

Research Engineer, SABIC Research & Technology Pvt Ltd

Incredible start for Hosur. Hopes to bring out the best from you,me and of course the universe. A long way to go ahead and hope to see there too.

Ms. Sunitha

Helen O’Grady International Academy

Parent Testimonials

DSIS encourages the values that we want in our child, respect,responsibility, ownership, communication, choices, independence and love for self and others. DSIS stimulates our kid’s creativity in learning and it has a unique true care in child’s health and well being. We felt very comfortable to put our second kid also here. What initially impressed me was that the way in which the students were so actively engaged in their learning. We can visualize our daughter’s real growth in all aspects from KG1 to till now. The school gave a fabulous foundation and we can never forget the experiences we had with the teachers. Keep up the good work. Big thanks to the teachers and all staff of DSIS.

Dr. Vetrichelvan

Parent of Grade 2 and KG 1 Students

Good teachers, good teaching and good services. I like the methodology of education and approach of school people.

Mr. Sanjay Babu

Parent of Grade 5 and KG 1 Student

Well equipped school infrastructure with pleasing learning environment, teachers are highly professional and friendly to students and good at training students as per the students individual learning capability. Overall DSIS is the place for learning discipline and knowledge for the students.

Mr. Murali Chandra Reddy

Parent of Grade 3 Student

Diamond Stone International School is the first of its kind affiliated to IB Board in Hosur town. The inquiry based methodology is awesome and makes the children to learn in-depth than restricting to bookish knowledge. Children are highly motivated to use various referrals like internet, encyclopedias and various books. Participation of children in cultural and extracurricular activities boosts their self confidence and lot of opportunities to exhibit their talents and knowledge.

Mr. Gopalakrishnan

Parent of Grade 5 Student

This School’s teaching method is simply best.

Mr. Vasudevan

Parent of Grade 3 Student

Teaching methods are very nice, my daughter can understand things easily and she is in Grade 1 and trying to read daily newspaper. Among the other school children, my daughter’s knowledge is very much visible.

Dr. Ravi

Parent of Grade 1 Student

DSIS follows IB Curriculum and inquiry based method. It gives homely atmosphere to the children. It is a right place to enhance their knowledge.

Mr. Ramasamy

Parent of Grade 3 Student

Well trained teachers are working over here. They are taking more effort to develop the student’s knowledge. The students are having good communication skills. The school looks always clean.

Mr. Ramesh

Parent of Grade 5 Student

Diamond Stone International School, as the name says, the students studying in this School are equal to Diamond. The syllabus that the school follows is very good which is very valuable to the students. Teaching methods used is simply superb. Students are more involved and can understand the teaching very well.

Mrs. Hemavathi

Parent of Grade 1 Student

People have very good opinion about DSIS. Many people wanted to admit their children in this School. The teaching methodology in this school is different and nice. My children show interest in studies the minute they come home. I am very proud that my children are studying in this school because this is an IB World School.

Mr. Srinivasulu Reddy

Parent of Grade 5 Student

DSIS is a very fine place for overall skill development of Children.The range of activities planned by teachers is very nice. It is very easy for children to understand new things. Totally I like this each and every thing in this School.

Mr. Chandra Shekar Reddy

Parent of KG 1 Student

Two of my children are studying here. DSIS has changed my children as a good inquirer, poet and orator. They have innovative ideas and thoughts and have the ability to do everything on their own. They ask lot of questions and will not rest until they get clear picture about things. This entire credit goes to the School.

Mrs. Sai Sangeetha

Parent of Grade 6 and Grade 4 Student

DSI School has very good atmosphere for education. Students are more self-confident, knowledgeable and very good innovators. Excellent communication skills with all students of DSIS. For parents, school is providing various programs like phonics session, parent’s orientation to understand IB curriculum. Feedback is the important thing to improve the School which was followed regularly. The overall performance of the School and the management is excellent and awesome.

Mr. Senthil Kumar

Parent of Grade 3 Student

I have put both my kids in this school. It is the only IB World School in Hosur giving inquiry based education to children.Teachers handle our children with lot of care. Two of my children are studying here and they do not hesitate to clarify their doubts with teachers then and there. The School and the classrooms look very neat and clean always.

Mrs. Madhavi

Parent of Grade 5 and Grade 3 Student

The best curriculum in Hosur. I am proud to be part of this School.

Mr. Vijay Kumar

Parent of Grade 4 Student

I am really proud that my son is studying in an IB World School.Education is very nice; teachers and students performance is really good.

Mrs. Ambika

Parent of Grade 2 Student

The coaching in this school is very nice and also all the extracurricular activities are nice. The behaviour and discipline of students are good in this school. My ward is much better in all her activities after joining in this school.

Mr. Sathyamoorthy

Parent of Grade 1and Grade 4 Students

It’s a unique school where values and ethics are given importance. Bringing up students in a holistic way developing good personality focusing on knowledge and communication skills.

Mr. Senthilkumar

Parent of Grade 3 Student

DSIS encourages kids to be resourceful, kind and compassionate,not just intellectuals. We feel as if some miracle is going on here. We love being a part of this school.

Mr. Mohan

Parent of KG 1 Student

The Management is very good, teachers are very supportive and students are very creative. Students do not have any fear coming to school. Transportation facility is good. Gives importance to events and celebrations.

Mrs. Karpagavalli

Parent of Grade 6 and Grade 7 Students

My daughter enjoys learning in this school. We could see lot of positive changes in her habits.

Mrs. Pavithra

Parent of Pre KG 1 Student

It all began 5 years ago when I had heard about the admission for the new International School in Hosur. The moment when I entered the school, it was mostly still under construction. Yet it still amazed me. I met the ever courteous Director made me feel at ease and gave me assurance that I am at right place for my son. I was one of the first parents who enrolled my son, who was shy and quiet boy at that time. Today I stand proud to say my son has matured intelligently, brave and very creative and of course not for forgetting his ability to challenge me in some questions. Purpose-built class rooms for delivering IB programme, and specialized library facilities, ICT, Music, Dance rooms are outstanding. I truly believe by the time he graduates from DSIS, he would have all the IB qualities and most importantly he would be a well balanced educated individual.

Mr. Shanmugasundaram

Parent of Grade 4 Student

The curriculum is delivered through an innovative inquiry based methodology and learner centered with ample opportunity for self learning. This process of education helps every child to process information into knowledge, comprehend, apply, analyse, synthesize and evaluate. Here the children are provided the chance to learn by doing, which leads to permanent learning with direct experience. We are happy that the school is providing the quality education with stress free learning environment.

Mrs. Anjana Devi

Parent of Grade 4 and Kg 1 Student

A truly world class education, it is the school’s vision combined with sustained effort that brings success. All the very best for years to come!!

Mr. Ganapathy

Parent of Grade 5 Student

Awesome environment, excellent teaching methodology. Sports music and dance are part of curriculum and the true international IB curriculum is a plus. Evaluation and assessment process is very good, ample books for children in library, teachers are excellent… Over all School is doing great.

Mr. Kalyanapasupathy

Parent of Grade 5 Student

I feel happy that both my children are studying in this prestigious institution. The school is the only reason for my children to cultivated good reading habit. They read many books and they teach lots of stuff that they learnt in the school. This School doesn’t only teach children but also their parents. My friends and colleagues enquire with me about the teaching method of this school.

Mrs. Rajeswari

Parent of Grade 3 Student

Diamond Stone International education system has been unique and new concept of learning. Child reflects their learning and connects with day to day life. She is capable of reading sentences at a very early stage. This kind of learning does not put stress on the child’s growth. She enjoys her learning experience.

Mr. Sarath Krishna

Parent of Grade 1 Student

My son joined this school in Pre KG and now he is in Grade 3. He studies very well and comes home and shares what all he learned in the school. His reading and writing skills are very good. He is equally good at arts, music and sports. In this school teachers share lot of information and ideas with children. The School management is very supportive. Even during holidays he likes to go to school or learn new things. Not only my son, I observed almost all students studying in this school are knowledgeable.

Mr. Kannan

Parent of Grade 3 Student

I am happy that my child is studying in this school. My child is in KG 2 but he comes home teaches us lot of new things.

Mr. Shivanantham

Parent of Grade KG 2 Student

I am happy that my child is able to read English fluently using phonic sounds.

Mr. Sai Kishore

Parent of Grade 1 Student

This School has practical way of teaching and learning to build leadership qualities. Well trained professionals are teaching our children. Preparing students on various digital technologies which I feel would be ruling the world.

Mr. Dhanasekaran

Parent of KG 1 Student

We appreciate the effort taken by School to build rapport with Parents.

Mr. Mukesh

Parent of Pre KG Student

Educator Testimonials

It is a pleasure to work with this School which is truly a Special Place. I feel as soon as I enter the front door children are happy and I have seen them grown emotionally, physically and educationally strong. Looking endlessly the program that fits the needs of children.

Mrs. Vasantha Priya


I am very glad to work here. I have learnt a lot of new things that is needed for 21st century’s teaching and learning. I also have lot of fun being with my sweet children. I keep trying innovative methods everyday to engage my children actively in their daily activities. Iam thankful for the constant support and guidance that I get in my career.

Ms. Chandralaka


It’s a great place for Students and for me to learn many new things. It has been a great privilege for me to work in this esteemed institution. Proud to be part of DSIS family.

Mr. Gopinath


IB curriculum is unique learning experience which is centred on whole child development. This is the best place where excellence can be found, where confident learners are created and gain in depth knowledge. We also learn new things everyday along with children and finding new strategies to teach. Wholehearted thanks to DSIS for the opportunity given to me to serve the children.

Mrs. Janani


I am really fortunate to work as a teacher in this prestigious institution, feel even more grateful to work with the young masters. The experience of teaching and learning every year is fantastic. Only when we understand the value of the Program we will be able to handle it smoothly.

Mrs. Arul Rohini


I am very glad to work here and to learn new things. This program helps every student even those who doubt their abilities.In this practical way of learning, kids respond immediately.Through this IB program students become good thinkers and more knowledgeable.

Mrs. Janitha


Handling Kindergarten is fun and interesting. I learned new teaching methods and I think this program is a life changing one for students. It is a very good exposure for me to work here. The best word to describe is, empowering.

Mrs. Sowmya


Since this School is adopting the original IB curriculum, it develops students to improve their IQ, makes them to understand the current world scenarios and challenges and makes them to fit to the present trend and more over they are highly engaged in inquiry based system. The school helps students to improve their knowledge, vision, skills and co-curricular activities.

Mr. Venkatasubramanian

Music Teacher

Students Testimonials

I am very proud to study in DSIS. I am studying here for past 4 years and it is a very great opportunity for me to explore and learn new things. I am very happy and proud to be part of IB World School. I have a strong feeling that if I continue my studies here I will have a bright future. My School is the Best School!!!

Likitha Sri

Student of Garde 7

I am very happy that I am able to read good, write nice and study well. I am feling very happy and comfortable to study in this school. I like the teaching here. I thank all my teachers for teaching us in easy way. I hope DSIS is the best school for me.

Vidhya Sri

Student of Grade 4

Our teachers are like a ladder. They use their creativity to make us learn more. They teach us new things in different ways. I like to be IB student and help others.


Student of Grade 4

I am very happy and proud to be educated at DSIS, the IB World School. All my teachers are very friendly and very kind to me. I like the education pattern here, where there is no pressure of mugging up. We are always made to understand the concepts very clearly through activities in practical way.

Tanishka Verma

Student of Garde 7

I am delighted to come to this School. It is a whole new world for me. This school has many facilities and I have learnt many things in this school that I wanted to learn and teachers in this school are excellent they always help us if we do not understand something. I wish I keep studying in the same school, so that I can improve my talents.

Hari Prasad

Student of Grade 6

I feel excited joining this school because this school is international and IB World School. After joining this school I got more friends and more knowledge. It is wonderful studying in this School.


Student of Grade 3

I like the curriculum followed in our School, IB and IGCSE. We have lot of opportunities to show our creativity. 6 years of experience that I have in this School changed me a lot and makes me to think that I am very talented. I like teachers showing lot of care towards students, in fact we are not scared to come to School.


Student of Garde 7

I am here in this School for past 4 years. My School is an authorized IB World School. I am very happy to study here. I learn many new things every day. I have good friends and teachers to clear my doubts. I am sure I will continue my studies here. Great Learning, Great Future!!!


Student of Garde 7

With lots of interest I joined the School. My teachers are too friendly with me. I am very lucky to be in this School. I like this school a lot. I can understand whatever they teach me. Also it is easy to understand. I am amused to be in this school. I don’t want to change my school. The best IB School is DSIS.


Student of Grade 5

I feel so blessed because I like the school and my teachers. My teachers teach me new things and I am happy to get new friends. I like the IB Curriculum.


Student of Grade 3

I think our DSIS is the best because it’s an IB World School.Teaching method is fabulous because teachers help us understand the concepts and we do not feel the stress.


Student of Garde 7

I am glad coming to the School and I start my day with a good smile that makes me more cheerful. I like IB curriculum which we follow hear. Our teachers clear all our doubts then and there. Here we have freedom to ask questions and to share our ideas and thoughts. We get lot of opportunity to make our own Identity, Image and Impression. This is the best school I have ever seen.

Dinesh Saminath

Student of Grade 6

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