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IB PYP Curriculum Framework


This journey of our Pre K to 5th graders is guided by homeroom and specialist teachers. Participation in extra-curricular activities ensures a fair balance between academic and leisurely pursuits. Special events and celebrations like the Literacy Week, Arts Week, Science Week Health week, etc. take place throughout the year, highlighting all the areas of our curriculum.It is in Grade 5 that our students take part in the PYP Exhibition which ensures a smooth transition to the Middle School Programme. Nobody knows better than you what your child needs. A rich and early learning experience is one of them, and we promise to help your child with it.

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Written curriculum:

What do we want to learn?

Taught curriculum:

How best will we learn?

Assessed curriculum:

How will we know what we have learned?

The IB Curriculum is designed to develop internationally-minded students.

Learn how it does this: IBO Mission Statement

Middle School Programme


Young people at this stage of their education require an engaging and holistic curriculum that is relevant to the important real world issues.As a preparation for their continuing academics, students need to become experts at learning, thinking, evaluating and communicating. These are the factors that will stand the students in good stead in their professional lives.The programme offers an education that is skill based, challenging, creative and flexible and requires a great deal of discipline. It also fosters understanding among young people around the world. Students at this stage are in a critical phase of personal and intellectual development. This is a time of uncertainty, sensitivity, resistance and questioning.

Students undertake a course of study across the following subject areas :


  • Language A (English)
  • Language B (Hindi / Tamil)
  • Language C (French)
  • International Math
  • Science Combined – Biology, Physics, Chemistry
  • Global Perspective
  • Economics
  • Computer Science

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